Business Casual 

“Professional is not a label you give yourself – it’s a description you hope others will apply to you.” ~David Maister 

I work for a very prestigious company, so it’s important that I dress as professional as possible. My work style varies from day to day, but no matter what, I always aim for a business causal look.

For me, my business causal attire usually consists of:

  • A nice blouse (not sleeveless unless I’m wearing a blazer)
  • A pair of slacks (never jeans)
  • A pair of heels that are work appropriate (so not super high heels that you would typically wear to a club or social outing. I also stick to nuetral colors – nude, black, and white).

Check out one of my most recent looks:

I know there are some jobs that are against open-toe flats and heels; however, my boss doesn’t mind as long as I look professional and not like I’m going to a club.

While many of us have a pretty good idea what’s considered business causal attire, it can vary depending on where you work. You can always check your dress code handbook, or ask your superiors if you’re ever unsure about something.

I hope you enjoyed this post.



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