Summertime Fine

Who’s ready for Summer? I know I am! Summer = pools, beaches, sand, flip flops, sandals, crop tops, shorts, bikinis, ice cream, late nights– all things that get me excited pretty much! Lol.

And speaking of excitement, today I’m sharing a super cute summertime bikini look – perfect for an exciting and fun day at the pool or beach.

Take a look:

As you can see, accessories are everything and totally brought this look together. My hat is from Kohl’s, and it says “blah blah blah…” I’m absolutely obsessed with it (I’m sure by now many people know about my obsession with hats of all kinds). I also really love my Minah Black Mesh Maxi from Pretty Little Thing. It definitely makes me feel pretty. Lol. And last but not least, my bikini is from Forever 21.

What’s your favorite thing about summer?! Leave me a comment.



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