25th Birthday Haul

I had an AMAZING 25th birthday!

Today I wanted to share some of the items that I purchased and some of the items that were gifted to me for my birthday!

Check them out…

1. Victoria’s Secret – special shout-out to my boyfriend’s mom for this sweet gift.

2. Jewelry – first, this beautiful bracelet from my boyfriend to match one of my favorite rings!

You can never go wrong with big gold hoops. These are from Skillz.

Both of these sets are from Forever 21.

3. Clothes – some pieces I got to wear, some I didn’t.

This dress from Fashion Nova is so freakin’ beautiful! This picture in no way does this dress any justice. I wore it for my birthday photoshoot. Pictures coming soon, and you definitely don’t want to miss them.

Boyfriend jeans from Charlotte Russe.

These are from Rainbow (you’ll see exactly how I styled them in just a sec).

Bodysuit from Forever 21 and crop top from a store called Love Culture.

Gold bodysuit from Skillz. You’ll see a much better picture of it down below. Keep scrolling…

4. Shoes

I wore these heels from JCPenney with the dress from Fashion Nova.

I’m so in love with these gold heels from Pretty-N-Pink. They are everything!

My picture doesn’t do them justice, so I had to add the picture that my mom took of them when she first purchased them for me! Btw- she did a great job putting together my birthday outfit (minus the jeans) while I was at work. She knows me so well.

5. Purse

This is the only purse I purchased for my birthday, but I plan on adding more to my collection this Fall. This one is from Forever 21.

What’s your favorite item from my haul?! Comment below!



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