All About Sleep Shirts + Christmas Party Fun!

I’m totally a pajama girl – especially during Christmastime. Christmas pajamas are so festive and fun and a great way to get in the Christmas spirit.

That being said, over the last few years I’ve fallen in love with sleep shirts. I absolutely love them. To me, they’re more comfortable to sleep in than an actual pajama set. They’re pretty loose fitting and not restrictive in any way — similar to a comfortable t-shirt (hence the name sleep shirt).

Here’s one of my favorites to wear during Christmastime:

This sleep shirt and sock set came out a few years ago. I purchased it (along with another set that I’ll be showing in a sec) online at Macy’s.

This past weekend I attended my God sister’s all girl Christmas party. She called it Ladies Night: Xmas Edition. It was such a good time. We all dressed in Christmas pajamas. We played fun games, danced, ate good food, and of course got our drink on. Mostly everyone wore either a pajama set or a onesie. There were only two of us who wore sleep shirts.

Say hi to my God sister Tooty:

If you like sleep shirts as much as me, you should check these out:

click here

These sets are currently 64% off! The first set is really similar to my other one. The socks are actually the exact same.

Here’s a picture:

There are many other options on the site, so be sure to search around for different colors, styles, and sets.

Do you like sleep shirts? What’s your favorite sleepwear?

Also, what fun Christmas events or parties have you attended so far?

Comment below!



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