Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her

I enjoyed doing the Christmas Gift Guides so much that I just had to do one for V-Day! A couple of these items I already own, some I plan on buying, and others are from my online Avon store. I included jewelry, smell goods, sleepwear, and makeup – something for every woman 💖

-Items are linked from left to right-

1. Diamond Promise Ring Sterling Silver/10K Gold:

I absolutely love this promise ring. It was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend. He knows that I love gold, so I’m glad he got something that has a little gold in it. He did good!


I haven’t tried this yet, but I’ve heard great things about her 3 original V-Day perfumes. She’s bringing all of them back along with 3 new ones. They’ll be launching Jan. 31st at 12pm PST – just in time for V-Day! I’m definitely getting one for myself.

3. New! Heart Faux-fur Slipper:

Lately I’ve been into slippers. These are so cute, and they look very comfortable.

4. New! Logo Lace-trim Short:

You guys know I love cute sleepwear 😍 [click for more styles]


This bracelet was a Christmas gift from my parents. I love it! It’s so dainty and cute and just the perfect everyday bracelet.

*The next few items are all NEW!*

6. Avon Smitten with Roses Body Mist:

This body mist is currently on sale for $7.99. If you’re into fresh scents, you should definitely check it out.

7. Avon Smitten with Roses Body Cream:

Here’s the body cream. It’s currently on sale for $6.99. I’m highly interested in purchasing this for myself to use after I get out of the shower.

8. Heart Breaker Eyeshadow Palette:

This is a cute, inexpensive eye shadow palette for only $9.99. The eye shadows are creamy and have a silky, velvet finish for those of you who are into that. The cool thing about this palette is that it’s magnetic, so you could share your heart with your BFF if you want to ❤️

9. Queen of Hearts Lipstick:

I love the packaging. This heart-shaped lipstick is full coverage and has a smooth, satin finish. It’s only $6.99. [comes in 3 shades]

10. 14K Gold-Plated CZ Interlocking Hearts Necklace:

This necklace is regular price $119.99 and is currently on sale for 59.99! You can’t beat that. It actually goes really well with my promise ring.

I hope this gift guide gave you some inspiration. Let me know which of these items you like the most. If you decide to purchase something, let me know that as well.



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